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Snowboard Buddy®


Finally a light, elastic, washable product that protects your valuable snowboard, especially while in transit.

Snowboard Buddy® When traveling to a resort, do you ever wrap your snowboard in towels, sheets, clothes or even another snowboard bag. This takes up space, adds weight and is cumbersome.

The SNOWBOARD BUDDY® is a unique, patented form-fitting sock constructed of washable, water repellent Spandex fabric. It slides smoothly and easily over any length snowboard and both cushions and protects it from damage. When not in use, this product can be folded and or rolled into a compact, lightweight cylinder for easy storage.

The SNOWBOARD BUDDY® is cost effecient! It can protect your valuable snowboard equipment from costly damage, which can and often does occur during transit. If you could eliminate just one nick in the edge of your snowboard, the SNOWBOARD BUDDY® would more than pay for itself.

There are many styles of snowboard bags currently available, but this is the first product designed to fit INSIDE your snowboard bag. The SNOWBOARD BUDDY® can also protect your snowboard when transporting it in a snowboard rack/carrier on a vehicle or bus.

The SNOWBOARD BUDDY® is the perfect gift for the "snowboarder who has everything!"

"Everybody needs a BUDDY!"

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