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Helmet Buddy®

Helmet Buddy®Only $50.00

Protect your valuable helmet.

Ready for storage

The Helmet Buddy® is multifunctional, saves money, advances safety, definitely improves the quality of life of the user, and is just plain cool.

The Helmet Buddy® is a uniquely designed, patented, multifunctional, water repellent, lightweight (approximately three ounces), machine or hand washable, tear and run resistant, durable, cost efficient, safety enhancing, form fitting, deluxe quality spandex protective sock. There are many uses for the Helmet Buddy®. The Helmet Buddy® is a cover which protects the exterior and interior of the helmet, including communication equipment. It also protests any plastic visor and/or goggles while on or off the helmet.

In addition, the Helmet Buddy® is a Ditty Bag. Since the spandex breathes, it let's air in and keeps moisture out. Any item from underwear to boots that will benefit from being kept dirt, insect, and moisture free can be placed in the Helmet Buddy®. Monogramming of the Helmet Buddy by silk screening or preferably embroidery is a tremendous morale booster. Velcro strips for name and rank are available to be applied to the Helmet Buddy®.

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