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Everybody Needs a Buddy®


Buddy Covers, Inc. is proud to introduce two revolutionary products - SKI BUDDY® and SNOWBOARD BUDDY®!!! These two innovative products were designed to provide a type of ski and snowboard protection not previously available anywhere. SKI BUDDY® and SNOWBOARD BUDDY® are sleek form-fitting socks which slide smoothly and easily over skis or snowboards to protect them during transport-either inside a travel bag or on a vehicle rack. Not only do these attractive cost-efficient products cushion and protect skis and snowboards, they also prevent scratches and nicks on vehicles. Construction is of a quality, lightweight, washable elastic material, which is form-fitting, durable, easy to apply and adjusts to fit any length or width of snowboard or skis. Both products come with velcro straps which can be ordered in black, red, blue or yellow. When not in use, SKI BUDDY or SNOWBOARD BUDDY can be rolled into a lightweight compact cylinder for convenient storage. These new products are a 'MUST HAVE ACCESSORY' for the avid skier or snowboarder!!!

Buddy Covers, Inc. of Carmel, Indiana manufactures innovative protective coverings for various sports items. || 1-888-SKI-BUDY (1-888-754-2839)